Private Tuition


The London College of Excellence supplementary school is designed to supplement school lessons providing students with additional help with standard school lessons. Our courses and lesson plans are suitable for students from Key Stage 2 up to those preparing to sit the GCSE’s English, Math and Science.


We have experienced and inspiring teachers who are extremely passionate about their work. All our teachers are fully qualified and have a track record of delivering engaging lessons and getting the best out of pupils. Our teachers are driven towards helping our students to be the best they can be, bringing out their potential to achieve and open avenues for their future. Our teachers are fully qualified and have a proven track record of obtaining positive results. At London College of Excellence we put the students first. That’s why there will be no complaints about having to do additional learning after school. Our lesson plans are designed to be fun and engaging allowing students to learn while not being under the pressures of the traditional classroom. We use activity based learning where they can use their own creativity, it brings a more peaceful atmosphere for them to learn within. We help them to see learning in a positive way and that it can be fun.


Prices are fixed and are paid per hourly for Key Stage 2 & 3 and GCSE’s.


Currently we are offering supplementary lessons in Maths, English, French and Science across all levels.

Supplementary school application form

To register your child on the programme please download and complete this form.

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